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Just made a maze animation

2009-11-27 03:21:06 by AnimatorAC

It may not pass, but atleast I tried.

Well my first try. I will sure try again, and again. Until I get through.


It got an okay score for a first time, and PLENTY of constructive criticism :), Which I am very thankful of.

Just submitted a second one, and I accidentally corrupted it, so I probably got ALLOT of 0's before I got it fixed. So it might not pass :(, and I will get a 15 day flash submission ban :(.


Soon I can make Tower Defence and RPG games, Just needed to get the first game out of the way. Maybe I will make another Maze game, to try and enhance my coding skills. Maybe anticheat.


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2009-11-27 04:09:56

Well, I'll post a comment here rather than on your game since it most likely will not pass. Sorry, but it's true. Okay, to make music play in the game, just put the song in a Movie clip and put the movie clip in the main stage. Pretty simple. The walls on the maze were really thick and unattractive, the brush was too thick. I suggest making the walls out of lines, around 4 pixels thick. Also some more challenge would be nice if it were a maze game.

I hope it helped. Check out my page and please rate high on my newly posted music.

AnimatorAC responds:

Okay will do, thanks for the help :).