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Tutorial up.

2009-11-28 03:58:04 by AnimatorAC

Giving a maze tutorial, I hope it passes, and I hope it helps some people start out at animating :D.

It passed with an okay score, much higher then FeedingAddictions animation, even though he is probably 10 years old :P.


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2009-11-28 05:39:23

I gave it a 0, it sucks dicks.

AnimatorAC responds:

Grow up, seriously.


2009-11-28 05:52:16

Its not very good. IMO its very bad:
1. gradient fills
2. different styles
3. no extra hit area for buttons
4. buttons change places
5. it was a bit of a mess
6. no advanced stuff like stopping how to cheat

So.... I'm doing you a favor by NOT reviewing I guess...
Good luck with your tower defense or RPG game, I recommend TD because its easier and more popular.
If you need help you can PM me.


PS: get a higher version of Flash, at least Flash 8 but try to get CS3 or CS4.
Flash MX uses AS1, in AS2 (Flash 8) you can create your own classes and stuff.

AnimatorAC responds:

Okay thank you :).


2009-11-28 07:12:08

Vexagon wasn't really saying something you can thank him for haha, but I guess it is helpful. Start working on the next one, then we can do tower Defence, STOP SPAMMING MY USERPAGEZZZZ.

Oh and fuck you FeedingAdiction you little asshole. You fucking punk ass little asian 13 year olds are annoying.

AnimatorAC responds:

Hehe, well that's kinda a Harsh thing to leave :P.