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Fun Maze Game #3 Is up.

2009-11-28 08:48:24 by AnimatorAC

My maze series is going well, this one with anti left click!

I made it much better overall, such as the buttons, and I honestly believe my coding is getting much quicker, I no longer take 5 min to do allot of the coding, now it feels like a reflex.

I believe that this one will pass. I am hoping for a 3.00 at least, as that will be a record for me. But I might just miss it :D.

Oh well have fun.

Tutorial up.

2009-11-28 03:58:04 by AnimatorAC

Giving a maze tutorial, I hope it passes, and I hope it helps some people start out at animating :D.

It passed with an okay score, much higher then FeedingAddictions animation, even though he is probably 10 years old :P.

Just made a maze animation

2009-11-27 03:21:06 by AnimatorAC

It may not pass, but atleast I tried.

Well my first try. I will sure try again, and again. Until I get through.


It got an okay score for a first time, and PLENTY of constructive criticism :), Which I am very thankful of.

Just submitted a second one, and I accidentally corrupted it, so I probably got ALLOT of 0's before I got it fixed. So it might not pass :(, and I will get a 15 day flash submission ban :(.


Soon I can make Tower Defence and RPG games, Just needed to get the first game out of the way. Maybe I will make another Maze game, to try and enhance my coding skills. Maybe anticheat.